Bonus 1:

A Simple Day's Commute

Just a normal, boring day's commute to work for the three friends. At least, it would be if Ashley wasn't there...

Bonus 2:

A Visit To The Gym

Samantha and Nadia visits a gym for a workout session. There they find a pretty young doctor from the local hospital. Will Nadia, -who is often liken to a horny old man trapped in a woman's body- be able to keep her perverted hands off her?

Bonus 3:

Ashley's For Fans Only

Considering herself the epitome of beauty and the embodiment of lust. Ashley starts an adult streaming channel to make some easy money. Unfortunately for her, her fans are demanding things she wouldn't be caught dead doing. As luck would have it though, she has a gullible friend at her beck and call.

Bonus 4:

Mari's Perdicament

Mari is in serious trouble. A perverted, egomaniacal superior has the hots for her good friend Dr. Kunieda. She now has a hard decision to make in order to help her friend deflect his twisted advances.

Bonus 5:

Ladies Night Out

The three best friends, Samantha, Nadia visit a strip club for a night of booze and debauchery. See what they get up to once the alcohol starts flowing.

Bonus 6:

The Lexingtons' Retreat

Grandpa Lexington decided to bring his granddaughter Ashlynn to his multi-million dollar superyacht for some downtime. Flynn the bodyguard and Madeline the maid are along for the ride.

Bonus 7:

Being Emily

Ashley wakes up to find herself sleeping alone in Emily's room. What is she doing there and what the heck is she wearing? And where in the world is Emily? This short bonus tells a strange and fantastical story. See what Ashley gets up to while she's inhabiting the unfamiliar.